Enjoying An Autumn Day

Photo by Bob Langrish
I really enjoy a day to just enjoy the sun, roll in the dirt, eat grass, and watch the people and horses at the farm.

The autumn is the best - the temperature is pleasant, not hot and not cold, and the bugs are mostly gone.

I don't know why people go on vacation so much in the summer - fall is the most pleasant time to be outside.

My son, Pulsar, seems to really be enjoying himself - don't you think?

How do you enjoy the autumn?  Tell me in the comments below.

Sport Horse Breeding Discount

Would you like to have a grey horse?

Do you have a nice Thoroughbred or Warmblood mare that would make a nice foal?

Well, you'll get a grey foal for sure if you select me as the sire of your foal.

If you want to check out more information, pictures, and video about me here are some of my pages:


My Dutch Warmblood Stallion - Patrick

A Warmblood Breeding Stallion

Importing a Warmblood Stallion

You can go the Offspring page of the website to see info, pictures, and video of what I produce.

The best part?

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Offer Expires: December 31, 2012

Kindle Book - The White Stallion

Well looky here what I found.

A Kindle Book called THE WHITE STALLION

It was at the bottom of my blog.

There are only 11 or so pages!

You can download it to your Kindle for only $.99 on Amazon.

Any book about a White Stallion is worth a lot more than that!

You should check it out - Linda did.

Click on the picture to go get it.

Come back and let me know if it was worth the $.99 and the time it took to read.

I'm waiting to hear.

10 Reasons This White Stallion Does Not Need Another Bath

  1. I am a sitting duck in this sparkling white coat!                                   I'm going for camo and you want me to stick out like a sore thumb!
  2. This clean odorless smell is not my scent!                                            I'm working hard at developing a strong identifying scent and you keep washing it off.
  3. Clean itches!                                                                                    I had to really grind my back and neck into the mud to stop the itching and you just removed it.
  4. I was trying for the tough Bad Boy look.                                         White stands for pure and good - you are really killing my style with this clean white coat.
  5. I hate to see you wasting your time.                                                   I would be happy to debut a new color of Paint Horse - Green, White, and Brown - and your life would be much easier!
  6. I will not perform better if I am clean.                                          Maybe you should see what happens with a dirty horse :)
  7. You have more than enough pictures of me clean and white.               You have lots of memories of the shiny white coat - now leave me alone.
  8. The mares don't care.                                                                  They like me just the way I am - in any of my color schemes.
  9. If I were any other color you would not even know about most of the dirt and spots.                                                                                   And you would be happy with that -
  10. Because - You Really Don't Want To Give Me Another Bath!

Can You think of any more reasons why I should not get another bath?  Please share them in the comments below.

Mares Under Saddle

When I go out into an arena with mares I do a quick scan to see if any are standing around without a saddle or rider.  I know that the arena is not where I normally get to have visits with mares before mounting the dummy, but a stallion is always on the lookout for a mare who is ready.

I also know that if I am under saddle with a rider that there will be no visiting. I don't pay too much attention to the mares under saddle unless they are paying attention to me and then I usually just give them a little peak or nicker when I go by.

A mare standing around the arena without a saddle is a little confusing for me especially if she is noticing me. The mares in the paddock next to the outdoor arena can be very distracting!  Sometimes they come over to the fence and watch and even call out to me.  It is all I can do to watch where I am going, but if I can ignore them long enough they usually leave.

So please, if you have a mare in or near an arena where a stallion is working - keep her saddle on and focused on her work and he will do the same. A bare backed mare can be an enticing invitation for a stallion. Even the gentleman who knows she is not for him is having a hard time keeping his attention where it belongs.

Mares under saddle are off limits.  So is a stallion - some mares don't seem to have gotten this message.

Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment below - I love hearing from you.

Stallion Wisdom - Part 5 - The New Saying

This was the old saying:

Tell a Gelding
Ask a Mare
Discuss it with a Stallion

My new saying:

Love a Gelding
Cherish a Mare
Respect a Stallion

I think mine will work for you much better.  What about you?  Will you be using my new saying?
Let me know in the comments below.

If you missed any of the first 4 parts click here - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Some Stallion Wisdom - Part 4 - Discuss It With a Stallion

Discuss it with a Stallion.

I think that the reasoning behind this part of the saying is that you can't or shouldn't tell a stallion what to do.

I would agree with that - just try using a crop on my rump and see what that gets you!

I like for my rider to listen and be quiet.  Don't be squeezing and jabbing my sides, jerking me in the mouth, or popping me with that whip. Less is more with a stallion.

I am a very sensitive guy and I can feel every move you make, hear your breathe and heart beat, and smell your emotions.  That's what stallions are supposed to do - watch, listen, and smell for the protection of the herd.

I usually know what you want before you ask.  But if I don't understand - I know your intent and will try to please.  I want adoration, appreciation, courtesy, and consideration - don't you?

Respect a Stallion.

Next week will be the last post in this series of Stallion Wisdom.  Let me know how you like it so far in the comments below.

If you missed the first parts of the series you can click here - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.